When Child appears We want to hug it all the time. In every moment we want to keep it close, give love, safety and make sure that it is lovely… From this feelings an idea came up for special series – swaddles. Cuddlers are very child and parent friendly products with a goal to ensure absoulte comfort. They are kind of baby sleeping bags which you can use both at home and outside. Cuddlers are made of the highest quality, certified knitwear with beautiful finish… What matters – they grow with your child! The look fantastic! Kids feel just great and their parents can be sure that their child is happy and safe.

Original product for Baby by Pupill. Perfect for bed, baby carriage and for nap on the couch with Mom and Dad. Swaddlers are adapted to Baby carrier and child seat, thanks to holes we can fasten seatbelts very quickly. Made of certified, breathing, woolen fabrics which are fully safe for sensitive skin. Appropriate dimensions of Cuddler ensure freedom of movement for child and unique design will catch someone eye. Swaddlers are big convenience during exits with child – you don’t waste time to dress kid up, when a Wrapper keep it warm and putting it in and taking out is fast thanks to both side zipper. It is a product which will serve a family for a long time. Special extension will allow to use every function of it from first days to 6-9 month of life. When child will grow out of it then it can be used as a stylish bag for toys, attached for example to bed. Cute additive like woolen hat will complete modern design of Wrapper. Our set is perfect choice for stylish and unique gift for birthday. Swaddler with hat are packed in corporate rucksack which can be used during later walks and trips. Gifted character will complete a decorative ticket, where the name of the gifted child can be written.

Dimension: length – 68cm, length after extension – 86cm, with – 47cm, zipper length – 50cm